Friday, December 23, 2005

Three days ago Cecille, my friend and co-worker and I walked towards Terenure from duty. Instead of riding, we agreed to walk; by that we could have more time and could share a lot of stories to tell to each other. She then suggested that we dropped off at Mrs. Greene's, a second hand shop as she wanted to look and possibly buy some nice things for her daughter. This shop has a lot of good books as well and from time to time I go in to check for books that would capture my interest.

As it is Christmas season, the music and melodies that you hear are naturally the Christmas carols. For forty-five years, I have been hearing and listening to these songs and melodies every Yuletide season and on this particular day, I really did not feel like singing any Christmas song at all. But in fairness to the Christmas carols, though most of them can be considered as "antique", with the singers all long gone and have their bodies turned into dust, still the songs and music have the capacity to warm some people's hearts, including mine bringing me to the core of the true meaning of Christmas.

As Cecille looked into the clothes hanging on the racks, I was looking into the books on the shelves. One woman said to me, "Your voice is lovely!" Another woman agreed with her and said, "Yes, she has a lovely voice. Keep on singing."

I was caught off-guard and was surprised!

"Thank you", I replied. I got carried away with the "Sleigh Ride" unaware that I already sang along with it while being played on the radio loudly enough for all the customers and the cashier to hear! I was only singing to myself!

"Oh, my God!", I murmured to myself feeling this embarrassment and bowed my head then partially covered my face with my left hand. I could feel the faint smile of amusement begin to appear on my face. There are times when I do not realize that there is something in me that I consider very ordinary and is always being overlooked and even ignored by me that takes other people to remind me that it is not really ordinary at all and instead have to thank God for that.

Man can be forgetful and ungrateful most of the time!



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